That whole domestic partnership thing…

While I was too busy tiring myself out with meaningless year end lists the bloggers of integrity were actually talking about issues, like the the Federal Judge who halted our new Civil Union law (CU, DP, whatevah right?) that was set to take effect last Tuesday.

But though I may be more interested in trashing my colleagues, listening to my iPod, and generally gossiping my way through 2007 pop culture, the folks at the Mercury are decent politicos. Ironic isn’t it?

Amy Ruiz, as the resident lesbian news writer, tends to to lead the way, and Blogtown has an excellent post chronicling last night’s Basic rights Oregon Candlelight Vigil.

My good friend Jane calls these stall tactics, saying it is really only a matter of time at this point before we inevitably get our rights. I may be more cynical than her but I do believe (most of the time) that we continue to march in the right direction…at least here in Oregon.

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  • karmaman

    I noted with pride that Jeff Merkley stood with the LGBT community at the vigil. He’s the only Senate candidate who did, apparently.