Crunks Not Dead (release party edition)

OlyWa electro-punk-hip-hoppers Scream Club want to make sure you know that you’re welcome to get crunk at their parties. So they’re hosting a jam in the crunkest town in the PacNW, PDX. This Sunday, 9p, Holocene (1001 SE Morrison, Do I even reference any other clubs anymore?) features their own dynamic duo, the equally alliterative (don’t dis me bro) Do’n’Dudes, Gay Deceivers, and DJ Girlfriends.

It’s unclear exactly what is being released, but it’s bound to be dirty, squeaky, rockin’ and all dressed up with a lineup such as this. Banged up, low-fi grrl rockers Gay Deceivers will give you enough of a workout, but by the time to bust it out to the hip thrusting boy-delicious beats of DnD (featuring Marius Libman of Copy) you’ll be thoroughly spent. If you simply must take a break, do it, but SC’s raw heartbreaker energy and M.I.A.-rivaling getups will have your sweaty body back into front of the stage before the drugs even take effect. And if I know these ladies at all, you’ll just have to keep dancing all night.

Scream Club knows how to get down

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