‘Brokeback’ co-star Heath Ledger found dead

Thank god my Jakey’s ok but it still quite saddens me to hear that the Oscar nominated Australian actor Heath Ledger was found dead this afternoon in a Manhattan apartment by the housekeeper and massage therapist with whom he had an appointment. So he had to know that someone would find him. Most news articles are currently referring to the SoHo apartment as his but one claimed that it belongs to actress Mary-Kate Olsen. The connection between the two is unknown but Olsen is currently in California.

The news so far seems to be apparent overdose and probable suicide. I don’t know much about Ledger’s personal life but he seemed more together than many actors who find their fame in adolescence. Then again, he was found in the home of an Olsen twin and has had the rumor mill abuzz with ties to troubled Lindsay Lohan.

Besides a daughter, Matilda, he leaves behind two current film projects, including an already much hyped Batman flick in which Ledger plays a much darker and scarier Joker than previous films and comics have portrayed.

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