Another shot at love…are we surprised?

At first I was bashful that I didn’t know about both the Tila/Bobby break up as well as the impending new season of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. But then I realized that not only was I out on the town on NYE (as anyone unlucky enough to be in my text message list knows…) but I continued to live real life and not internet/television life…for several days. Therefore I actually have some amount of pride in my lack of knowledge.

A heartbroken Tila at her NYE party…

And we shall see, come next spring, if the novelty of an apparently somewhat convincing actress “looking for real love this time” has worn off. The show did have me believing, at one point, that Tila really was bisexual, or at least had some level of sincerity. But judging by the gossip surrounding her “break-up” with Bobby, I think I’m pretty safe in going back to my original assumption that she’s just a businesswoman with an agenda: get rich and famous whatever it takes.

In a myspace blog post Tila sings the praises of her MTV New Year’s special while simultaneously lamenting the loss of Bobby, who she says broke up with her due to her hectic schedule. Bobby, however, claims that he never even got her personal phone number, which sounds closer to the truth to me. (You know, when “hectic schedule” means that you never ever want to see someone ever again? That’s what Tila meant little Bobby B. You got a problem with that?)

She never intended to be with any of those fools on that show, just bolster her career. And she’s doing it again. The only question is: will we watch anyway?

Answer: If it’s outrageous enough or there’s another girl as hot as Dani, yes.

4 comments to Another shot at love…are we surprised?

  • tunataco

    I suppose my first question is, why would anyone turn to a reality TV show for evidence of sincerity or “proof” of bisexuality?
    I mean does anyone subject “The Bachelor” or any other reality program to the same requirement of authenticity that Alley demands of the Tila Tequila show?
    Hey, I’ve been disappointed when very talented singers were voted off “American Idol” while the obviously less talented stayed on longer, but I never bought into the notion that the show was about talent.
    So Tila picked Bobby over Dani and then dropped him. I’m shocked, absolutely shocked.
    The interesting thing about the show is that for the first time, bisexual dating was on the air. Now, if Tila picks a woman next season, that will be a little more groundbreaking.

  • tunataco

    ABC news just recently had an article on Tila’s show.
    You can find it on their website. Apparently, the religious right is gearing up to oppose the bisexual dating show because it perverts children.
    The show may not be radical enough for the gay and lesbian communities. That doesn’t mean that it will not draw fire from the same homophobic people who attack them all the time.

  • qpdx

    While I certainly don’t expect a reality show to have much integrity, and you’re right, it shouldn’t have to present any more than ‘Idol’ or ‘Bachelor’ this is a very basic assumption that, as viewers, we should be allowed to make. Am I surprised or disturbed that she already dumped Bobby or that she might not really be bisexual? No. But there is an assumption, on ‘Bachelor’ say, that even if the couple backs out of their engagement, at least they did have a chance to be attracted to each other. Would it not make gossip news if a “bachelor” turned out to be gay, therefore completely lying from day one?

  • qpdx

    As for the second comment I find that interesting. Again, not surprising, but why would the religious right wait for Season 2 to wage an attack? It’s ok to be bisexual once, but if you keep liking girls it’s wrong? Hmmm…sounds like something parents might say to their errant Wellesley Freshman…