A weekend full of LGBTQ trivia

In honor of our new equal rights law that went into effect at the New Year Q Center (69 SE Taylor @ Water Ave.) will be hosting a weekend of homo historico tomorrow the 11th and Saturday the 12th.

Cocktail sipping begins Friday at 6:30p with a 7p screening and discussion of the recently re-released on DVD documentary Ballot Measure 9. Special guests include Mayor Tom Potter, Kathleen Saadat, Donna Red Wing, Scott Seibert, Anne Sweet, Elise and Jim Self and others featured in the film, as well as director Heather MacDonald

The living herstory continues with a panel of people influential in local gay rights movements on Saturday from 7:30 to 10p. Panelists include Barbara Roberts, Jerry Weller, Terry Bean, Harold Strong, Susie Shepherd, and Sam Adams, to name just a few.

And for those of you ready to start your localista academia-fueled weekend early, the Center has put together a special quiz. To my dismay, I did abysmally, which is embarrassing for someone who has worked at a women’s history archive and done research with Joan Nestle at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn. I did, at least, recognize Quality Pies, from the stories my 80/90s club-hopper ex-girlfriend has told. And yes, though it closed when I was about 15, I did go to the old City Nightclub and was there for the dawn of SMYRC.

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