The are they or aren’t they of 2007

About whom are they gay rumors flying? And who confirmed our suspicions this year?

5. Lindsay Lohan

Lilo with Ronson

This summer Lilo had the lesbo rumors flying when she spent just a tad too much time with lesbian DJ gal pal Samantha Ronson. If it’s new and hip, I’m sure Lindsay jumped on that train.

4. Jody Foster

Everyone has known Jody Foster was gay since Foxes but she never had the guts to come out, despite two adopted children and 12 years with her partner Cydney Bernard. But at the 16th Annual Women in Entertainment breakfast where she won the prestigious Sherry Lansing Leadership award she thanked Cydney in her award speech and the press grabbed ahold of it. It still seems pretty cowardly for someone who has been famous since she was 12 but I guess it’s something.

3. Condoleezza Rice

When it surfaced that that Conde owned a home with Randy Bean the rumor mill started grinding with the lezzie Rice and Bean jokes. That’s really all I can stomach.

2. Dumbledore

This year the tragic story of the only man Harry Potter’s famous Headmaster Dumbledore ever loved finally came to light and as the old man was posthumously outed by J.K. Rowling we all simultaneously smiled and cried. You were a good man Dumbledore and though we wish you would have found true love again, we’re happy to have you on our team.

1. Larry Craig

There was actually plenty of politicians who voted against gay rights caught with their queer pants down but Idaho’s Larry Craig has quickly risen to become the most notorious. Bathroom toe tapping will never be the same.

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