Perez sez takes on 2007

The first “What Perez sez” episode nearly made me pee my pants. And I was totally sober. I swear. And now my big gay snarky blogger friend is back with a look back at the year of celebrity breakdowns, drama on The View, and picking of Zac Efron (Does anybody not think he’s gay?) at 10p tonight on VH1.

But what I’m really looking forward to is the awarding of the Perezzies, adorable little bobble heads of the brightly haired blogger that are way cooler than blank and smooth Oscar. I want one so bad!

To get a better feel for why you absolutely should not miss the most outrageous man on television (well, besides that, and besides the fact that there’s a writer’s strike on and this is probably the most intelligent non-scripted show out there) I’ve included VH1’s sneak peak below. It’s not for the faint of heart however, so only those with strong stomachs should continue. I’m just warning you, they’re going to talk about Whoopi Goldberg’s shaved and shaggy chocha…Where else on TV will you hear that?

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