Girl 4 Girl’s White Party

I’m not usually one for the more mainstream dyke parties and I’ve been the the E Room exactly 1 time in the past year, but I’m quite tempted by this Saturday’s Girl 4 Girl sponsored White Party at the Wonder Ballroom (128 NE Russell Street).

The Shortee

Firstly, I love a theme. And though wearing your holiday whites really isn’t terribly original, you can do a lot with it. And a sea of ladies in their snowy robes is sure to be a sight to see. I have little chance of ever making it to the Dinah Shore weekend and everyone’s got to experience a White Party some day don’t they?

Secondly, Dj Shortee, billed and the world’s best female Dj, will be in the house. Although she’s an excellent scratcher, a lot goes into Djing and I might hesitate to actually assign her this title. That said, she is an amazing spinner and is sure to be off the hook. I have fond memories of listening to her mixes in college and putting them into my radio show of oddly juxtaposed indie rock, electro-clash, dance and hip hop. Shortee is sure to get the ladies on the dance floor. Whether or not we’ll actually be able to dance to her wacky beats it is another question entirely.

Thirdly, sometimes it good to get out of your queer comfort zone and slap on a neon “I’m available” wristband and see what happens…

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