Best (gay) albums of 2007

It’s that time of year again where everyone wants their say on what was the best of the last 365 days. And I’m no exception. But to cover the entire world of queer for the year is impossible. So I’m going to start with music and see what else we can get to before 2007 runs out.

The list fest kicks of with the Best Albums of 2007. Since I am such a music fan, I’m going to start the countdown at 10.

Patrick Wolf

10. Patrick Wolf – The Magic Position

I have no insight into this album but everyone else seems to be talking about it so I couldn’t overlook it completely. says of it “Wolf’s music was filled with a glam-pop richness from the wall-of-sound horns of the titular track to the breathlessly gorgeous neo-cabaret of ‘The Stars.'”

9. Yo Majesty – Yo EP

Ok technically not an album, nonetheless their rhymes are tight and it’s tough to hear go female hip hop artists let alone lesbians of color laying it down for real. Good club hit too.


8. Katastrophe – fault, lies & faultlines

Ok, dykes in hip hop, now trannies. Is that most masculine of genres finally getting its glass ceiling busted up? I hope so. Katastrophe also is a sensitive rapper, speaking directly to life as an SF queerion without a lot of the usual urban pretense. Refreshing and quite danceable.

7. Electrelane – No Shouts, No Calls

Well put-together, often instrumental, ethereal electronic indie-rock. They have great voices and awesome hair.

6. Copy – Hair Guitar

Copy won’t be the only local to make my list but he’s certainly the best electro man. And despite that I see him around town all the time I have yet to see him live. Which I’m sure is my loss. His beats manage to be fun and thumpy intense all at once.

5 Lesbians on Ecstasy – We Know You Know

These ladies cover, recover, revamp, and remix like nobody’s business. And while I may have liked Giggles in the Dark a little better, how can you not love a band that make break music, where 70s lesbian clothes so well and are from beautiful Montreal, Canada. You can’t.

4. Swan Island – Crumble

They manage to take indie rock and infuse it with a metal edge that is not at all grating but energetic, intense, and all-encompassing. You could get lost in their music and certainly in their live shows…the plethora of attractive faces to look at certainly doesn’t hurt in that respect. Oh yeah and did I mention they’re from PDX too?


3. Cazwell – get into it

Every Best of list needs at least one really raunchy club kid. Cazwell lays it down old-school super gay style. His nasty beats are great to dance to, screw to, or just get crunk to and I have been diggin’ on it since it came out. In his own words, “I am dirty. Learn me.”

2. Tegan & Sara – The Con

This was a really tough call because I think these girls really deserve to be number 1. This album was incredible, going way beyond their sweet and folksy roots to land in a place both strange and enchanting. I still can’t stop listening to its nuances both musical and lyrical. It breaks my heart every time.

1. The GossipStanding in the Way of Control

These 3 Portland based musicians are the thin queer line standing between T&S’s spot at numero uno. And I’m not just biased because they’re locals. The Gossip have blown up in a global way this year and Control was just the right album for them to ride the wave of fame upon. You’ve heard me gush enough in the past year so I won’t go too far into my love of the booming southern voice Beth Ditto but this just might be towards the top of my Best Ever albums, let alone topping my Best of 2007.

The Gossip

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