What I’m listening to

This little Monday feature has been in hiding for quite awhile. I haven’t completely lost my interest in music, in fact my manic moods lately have had me bouncing all around to dancey singles at work all day.

But I have gotten a little disillusioned with Emusic. More and more often they have little of what I want. I’m also having technical problems with The songs played on my ipod haven’t been loading and I seldom listen from my actual computer anymore so these lists may be woefully inadequate. Maybe this little obsession has also lost excitement for me. So I can’t promise this feature is regularly back for good. But I’m always taking good new tune recommendations.

Anyway, so my restlessness and intense fidgeting has made most of my listening this week thumpy music from techno to hip hop to electro-rock. I’ve been listening to Northern State‘s newest “Can I Keep this Pen?”, The Gossip and my current always on repeat Cazwell. He’s a dirty NYC homo hip hopper and I just can’t get enough of his grossly sexual party anthems. I’ve also been lending an ear to dyke rappers Yo Majesty who I am sorry I missed when they were in town recently, the popular in Europe but not so much here new single from French DJ David Guetta “Love is Gone” and new fav the Ethiopian born Kenna. Kenna’s been around awhile but finally starting to get some of the attention he deserves with two fairly popular club circuit songs “Out of Control” (which is also featured in a Playstation commercial) and “Say Goodbye to Love.” When I’m at a loss I’ve been rounding out the playlist with Nelly Furtado, Madonna and even some Kylie Minogue. I really am just gay gay gay aren’t I?

Because my favorite Cazwell song is pretty NSFW I will leave you, instead, with his retro boombox cartoon style “Watch My Mouth” video:

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