The O’s ode to Darcelle

Wow, The O is really starting to gay out on me. Earlier this week it was a piece about Stark Street and today (well, the early Sunday edition should be out) is a an oddly surface human interest piece about Portland’s most recognizable Drag Queen, Darcelle, and his son. And while I’m stoked that our biggest paper seems to finally be taking an interest in our tiny little community this particular piece is a bit baffling.


Darcelle has, arguably, been in Portland’s spotlight for the last 30 years. But as far as I know his club isn’t celebrating a big anniversary anytime soon. The article concerns his estrangement from his son and his own trouble childhood of abandonment and abuse at the hands of his father. But Darcelle reconciled with his son in the 70s, not recently. Nor is the article held within a larger contextual framework about families or dealing with issues of coming out, abuse or any sort of social service geared toward these problems. In fact, Darcelle vehemently opposes therapy. I know plenty of folks of all kinds of sexual persuasions who have daddy issues. So why are we hearing about Darcelle and Jr. now?

I don’t dislike the iconic drag figure at all and, in fact I’ve been meaning to take my mom to the most family-friendly, bachelorette-party attended for several years now. But I just gotta wonder, Big O, why all the sudden interest us?

(O.M.G. A thought just occurred to me. Darcelle isn’t dying or something is he? Really I don’t mean to start baseless and outlandish rumors but they did talk about succession plans in the article.)

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