Sissyboy goes away

It’s an autumn of goodbyes I suppose. With the demise of Booty so fresh in our hearts (and other orifices) the loss of yet another Portland queer institution is sure to strike a powerful blow. This Saturday Sissyboy goes away.

Ah, I remember when I very first wrote of the boys when they went Apocalystick back in May of 05, or when the mainstream media finally took notice September of 06. And those memories are indeed fond, even if I can’t say the troupe has really grown. Alas, the individual members have, which is why they must part ways and pursue artistic and gender-bending ventures of their own. While I while certainly miss the adventures of Splendora, Linah Cocaine, Fannie Mae Darling and all the others I hope for the most part to see their scraggly made-up faces to grace other local stages.

As for the actual show tomorrow night at Holocene (1001 SE Morrison) expect a grand finale including a sneak peak at the new Sissyboy documentary, turntable stylings of Djs Stormy and Jimme Jamma and a very glamorous decent into the 9 circles of Hell with the beautiful corpses of the recently departed troupe of drag megastars.

At Booty’s last night I stumbled into a cab through the driving after the the night of revelrous debauchery only to be bawling by the time I reached the safety of my bedroom. The demise of Sissyboy promises to only be only slightly less traumatic for me, but at least it’s on a Saturday.

The Sissyboys final resting place, orgiastic as usual

Addendum: This piece from today’s Just Out has given me a bit more time to reflect on this season of fairly intense loss for Portland. I usually try to keep my posts short, sweet and silly but I can’t separate it from my own recent losses as well. It has truly been a rough few months and I am not the celebrity entity that Sissyboy is, but you (or I) can use this rather more personal account of the Sissyboys’ downfall as a metaphor for what I, myself, have been going through. Perhaps all of Portland has been going through this rough patch together. And at least we’ve got each other my queer comrades right?

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