Review: ‘Bug Crush’

I may have missed short horror film Bug Crush when it played at Portland’s Lesbian and Gay Film Festival but if you’re a fan of creepy queers you all have the chance to see it again on Logo’s Best in Short Film. It plays at various times on TV but you can also watch it right from your computer. And I think Logo’s videos finally work on Macs, which I’ve been whining about since the channel’s debut.

The mysterious new kid in ‘Bug Crush’

I enjoyed the discomfiture in the film and found the awkward small town gay teen endearing, if naiive. But besides being a bit bizarre, which I appreciate, I found Bug Crush a tad melodramatic. I would hesitate, even, to call it a horror film. Sure, the elements are a slightly fantastic take on the more normative (if still occasionally frightening) underworld of goths, gays, sex and drugs.

But in the cinematic style of a less overt Blair Witch Project, Crush does lead you down a dark and grainy path that keeps up both the suspense and humanity for the whole of its 35 minutes.

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