PLGFF Wednesday night previews

Tonight’s first film is sure to stir some small amount of controversy. Doesn’t religious doctrine always? In For the Bible Tells Me So the usual arguments for biblical gay-bashing are refuted.

‘For the Bible Tells Me So’

Anyone who has read any Shakespeare will know, middle, and even early modern, English is tough enough to grasp. When you’re working with old texts that have been translated multiple times by a plethora of different people through history with different agendas you’re bound to encounter some contradictions. I have to confess I’ve never read the Bible in Ancient Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic or any of the other languages in which various portions were initially inscribed.

Not only that, but we can’t forget, even if we do believe the Bible’s volume 1 and 2 are both the word of God that the culture surrounding those who took down the word did much to influence the rules. People didn’t eat pork in the ancient Middle East for reasons some might not want to eat potentially Mad Cow tainted beef now. This, in the current age, is a public health concern, not religious doctrine. 2000-3000 years ago religion could have helped serve as the CDC.

But I digress. The point is that this documentary examines what the Bible actually lays down and how this relates to our interpretation of what it tells us concerning homosexuality. It sounds enlightening, even if people will continue to see exactly what they each want to see from that oldest of bestsellers.

‘Bug Crush’

The 9 o’clock show is a series of shorts, which can always be a risk. But instead of several 7-10 minute mini-movies there’s actually only 3 shorter than feature length flicks. The first, Bug Crush, looks darkly mysterious and sinister. Combine this with high school and a seductive stranger with a bandaged arm in the shower you’ve got something potentially both very hot and quite disturbing.

Le Weekend, at only 14 minutes, sounds a bit more artsy and contemplative. Shot on Super 8 with plenty of voiceover it follows a cynical young French Film student feeling disillusioned in London. Um, ok.

Hopefully Cowboy Forever will lighten the mood some, although memories of Brokeback probably won’t help. A fictionalization of a true story the docu-drama follows Brazilian gauchos as they begin a love affair. You know South American cowboys are bound to be even hotter than their American counterparts…

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