PLGFF Tuesday night previews

Both of tonight’s films look stellar and I’m thinking about actually going to both. Too bad I’m old and lazy…

‘The Bubble’

The evening kicks off with the story of a struggling actress, Butch Jamie. This story may seem overdone but of course this starving artist isn’t your typical waitress. She’s a dyke who’s willing to forgo her butch dignity for the chance at a role but still isn’t having any luck… Even her roommate’s cat has better luck. But when she actually rolls with her own gender expression she triumphs in a very neo-Tootsie way. Ok, so we’ve heard this story before too, but it really does look funny and sweet. But then again so did The Curiosity of Chance so I guess you really can’t pre-judge.

The night’s second film looks a bit more complex. The Bubble revolves around a group of omnisexual hipsters in Tel-Aviv who lead quite comfortable lives. When Noam falls for a Palestinian man and the friends attempt to keep him in Israel illegally they realize how close to bursting their pretty little bubble really is. This one looks like it could be a fest favorite and tear-jerker with a message that goes way beyond our own little queer Portland bubble.

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