PLGFF Thursday night previews

‘Itty Bitty Titty Committee’

I missed Itty Bitty Titty Committee when it first premiered in a pre-PGLFF screening and I’m quite sorry I did. I think these are my people. Well, sorta. It’s the Hollywood lezzie elite (Daniela Sea, Guinevere Turner, Jenny Shimizu among others) playing a group of ragtag, punk, political activists. In a move that’s very Portland, the feminist radicals start to come apart when the mainstream begins to embrace instead of reject them. Along the way the main character, Sadie recovers from a break-up, college rejection, and braves the BDOC‘s (ok, so not exactly a “campus” but still I think the acronym is apropos) advances as they hatch a scheme to blast themselves into infamy.

The night continues with a second round of boy focused shorts. The first and longest, Float, seems a bit fluffy. It follows a white Bahamian artist who may be losing his scholarship and his quest to let himself experience intimacy. Sounds a little gag inducing to me.

But Donny and Ginger could be good. Simple. Cops and DQ prostitutes. I’m always down for the seedier sides of life stories. But the groaning could be back with The Best Men. It’s something about a wedding. I really have no interest in that.

‘The Saddest Boy in the World’

The 4 minute Police Beat sounds really nebulous. Something about love letters to a policeman (what is this a night of the fuzz?). But I suppose I could sit through 4 minutes of almost anything.

The night ends on a depressing note with The Saddest Boy in the World. Even at his tender age, Timothy Higgins is affected by friendlessness, meds, and suburban banality in such a way as to make his birthday more than just a little no fun. Boy, I love uplifting tales!

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