PLGFF Friday night previews

Ah, the second and final weekend. It’s time to get our workweek lazy butts off the couch, turn off the DVRed ‘Heroes’ episode and trade in the Doritos for some popcorn. Cuddling with the hubby on the sofa in the rain may sound a lot nicer than dragging yourself out but believe me it’s way more fun to get out there and get your screen kicks surrounded by all kinds of queer folks. And this weekend will be your last chance.

‘Nina’s Heavenly Delights’

You can start tonight off with Nina’s Heavenly Delights at 7. The premise starts out depressingly enough. Nina Shah, a South Asian Brit, returns home from big-city London after her father’s death and struggles against her family to save their restaurant. But hopefully it gets better when Nina reunites with some old friends including a Bollywood drag queen and a charming ladyfriend. Of course she falls in love with said lady and it changes her whole world…Potentially cheesy but for those that like the girly girls I think you’re headed for some satisfaction.

I’m more excited for the second feature, The Picture of Dorian Gray. This uber-flamer Oscar Wilde classic about a man who stays young while his portrait grows old has been remade for contemporary audiences. Set in a none-to-friendly Manhattan art world wealthy and handsome Gray, played by ‘7th Heaven’s’ David Gallagher purchases the aging video installation as he stays young and beautiful. This version is based on Wilde’s earlier and gayer ‘Lippincott’ version so the tension is bound to built to exceptional heights as we venture into the crystalline beauty and striking performances built into this story of depravity and narcissism.

‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’

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