PLGFF final Sunday previews

If last night was the rousing climax then Sunday, the real final day of the Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Fest is the next morning’s brunch and cuddling. As such it’s a leisurely, if long, afternoon of the last 3 movies to grace the gay screen for 2007.


At 4p be sure to catch what might be the funnest (I don’t care if it’s a word) documentary I’ve come across in awhile. Superamigos follows modern day superheroes (aka Lucha Libre wrestlers) in Mexico CIty dedicated to the fight against evil slumlords, corrupt politicians, homophobia, pollution, animal rights abusers and poverty. It takes style in addition to grand cooperative efforts to truly come together to combat multiple oppressions with the grace of a Mexican wrestler. This is truly an activist movement I can get behind.

At 6p you can continue your international (and time!) travels to find yourself in 1980s France with The Witnesses. In what appears to be mostly a slice of life story a young man and his sister befriend and older gay man and a young couple while dealing with the early days of the AIDS epidemic. Each struggles in their own way while holding onto each other in the face of this modern day plague. A slightly different perspective on an issue that’s been at the forefront of the gay community for the last 25 years.

And the festival concludes with, well, with you my dears. Local filmmakers had until just before the fest to submit their shorts to be shown in this final screening called Show & Tell. So far there has not been an announcement on what films will be showing and I’m not really sure that there will be so be prepared for a surprise. What I do know is that the drama and comedy versions of the Show & Tell were combined because nearly all the entries were comedies. So your sadness at the end of the fest should hopefully be tempered by your neighbors’ comedic flair.

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