First set of uber-gay Halloween user photos

(From left) Bartender, Mr. Charming as Andy Warhol and a crusader.

Thanks to DJ Mr. Charming who puts on the monthly Gaycation and also happened to host a house based dance party this weekend called Hot Mess. She has a great collection of photos from the night over on flickr, which she happily let me swipe for the blog. Catch more Halloween party faves in the Halloween Gallery and upload yours. (You know you want to. Uploading feels so good…) Pics are also cross posted in the QPDX category but I didn’t want you to have to scroll through so many of last summer’s Pride pics to get at the newest holiday homos. (I hate to complain about our own technology but I do find it annoying that older photos load first as opposed to newer. This will change soon.)

And, just to whet your appetite, here’s one of my favorite of Mr. Charming’s shots…yum.

Hot Mess party-goers dressed as candy treats Lifesavers and a Hershey bar. Sweet.

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