Drag King conference in Canada

There is so much gaity this weekend I hardly know how to handle it all. You don’t have to go far from home to experience it. But if you do have a hankering to get out of this windswept nonstop rainstorm town for the weekend our friendly Canadian neighbors to the north are hosting a fabulous looking convention, performance spectacular in Vancouver called IDKE 9: Genderation all weekend long. To get a better idea of what this drag extravaganza is all about, a word from the organizers:

ABOUT THE IDKE 9 “Genderation” THEME

Exploring the past, present and future of the many generations of the drag community.

2. We propose a focus on social construct divisions between different generations. Analyzing cultural history; how do gender, race, class, disability, and geography also play a role in constructing queer generations both locally and internationally.


IDKE9 is brought to you by the Bent Umbrella Queer Performing Arts Society, the newly formed non-profit society created to bring together Vancouver’s Drag King troupes. Our team is committed to coming together for the organization of IDKE9 as a united group. IDKE gives us an opportunity to foster greater co-operation, to strengthen our community, and to network not only with Vancouver performance groups but the broader IDKE community. And (of course) to bring Vancouver and the International King community the best conference possible!

Despite competing with hometown events I know many of Portland’s past (and present?) DK’s are headed up the road to take part and I’m sure some of them will even make stage appearances. I mean can you imagine a pregnant Oliver Easy? I am indeed sorry to be missing this one folks.

And that reminds me, along with losing various troupes, club nights and other queer Portland institutions lately I look around and don’t see any mixed for Drag King performance groups at all. We had so many wonderful drag stars not so very long ago. We need to get this hopping again PDX people! We can reinvigorate the movement. I know we can. Hmmm…am I ready for my close-up? Maybe I should be a (wo)man of action get an all-retro DK troupe started. Shall I hold a contest for my drag name? Whaddya think, am I cut out for it? Are you ready for the ‘stache?

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