Bisexual reality TV dating show

Oh my, MTV wants to get in on the hipster bisexual bandwagon in a big way with a new show featuring ladies fighting dudes for the affections of Tila Tequila – mistress of Myspace. Now I’ve never heard of her but with 2 million “friends” she’s more popular than me apparently. And I could expound on all the awfulness that this show is sure to let loose but I gotta hand it to the folks over at AOL’s Queersighted blog. They really said it better than I ever could. (Except for that whole bisexuals need to pick a side thing. C’mon, who’s stuck in 1991?)

Here’s a fine little excerpt to get you started:


Note to Swati Pandey: Writing in all caps is not “slangy”; it’s something serial killers do. I might also point out that this girl cannot string a coherent sentence together. I do realize our President also has this impairment, but unlike our President, kids will look up to this Tila twit as a role model!

Wait! I think I have a handle on this story. Why would 16 lesbians want to duke it out with 16 straight guys over a woman with a ridiculous name, who doesn’t know what she’s attracted to, has had no apparent formal education and can’t control the caps lock button on her computer? I have no flipping idea, but this is one heavily medicated, lesbian reporter who’s determined to find out.

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