What I’m listening to

I realize this feature has been lacking lately. I haven’t been listening to a ton of new music and I’ve had some technical glitches here and there that make it look like I only listen to Nat King Cole (I was looking for something ok?) But this week finally reflects (well sorta) much of the new tunes I have been taking in.

M.I.A. – Kala out now

I finally did manage to get my hands on the new M.I.A. album, Kala, and it’s fantastic. It can really only be described by its cover art, which has the same energetic exuberance and neo-retro (almost too close for comfort) stylings as the music. And she’ll be here in Mid-November.

I also got my hands on the new Northern State – Can I Keep this Pen? as well as a semi-recent Macromantics LP. I’m also pretty excited about the new Tegan and Sara but I listened to it at a friend’s house, so it won’t show up on quite yet. But I will get my hands on it.

Lastly, I rounded out the weekend with some Ratatat and some good ol’ Lamb, but for some reason they’re not showing on my list. That’s ok, they were just beach trip filler anyhow.

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