The last Booty

It’s painful to sit down and write this post. Booty has shaped my queer adult existence in Portland. It’s become the longest running alterna-queer dance party in Portland’s history. And it’s all coming to an end tomorrow.

Let’s hope we can also keep as happy a face as Puppet during Booty’s final hours…

I feel there’s not much more I can say as part of the nostalgia train that I haven’t said already upon first hearing about Booty’s demise. Some of the details have changed. For example it seems that not only are we losing Booty itself, but we’re actually losing all three founding members (Puppet, Stormy, JHo) to faraway cities. What are we do to Portland? There will indeed be a gaping hole when Booty sets sail.

But it hasn’t quite gone yet. So, though I will be tearing up as I dance throughout tomorrow night I want to make sure that we all fully enjoy ourselves as well. And there will be ample opportunity. Despite that usually the party has a late, 11ish hipster-gay start time, there are so many guest DJs and craziness planned tomorrow that the records start spinning at 6p at Crush (1400 SE Morrison). There’s also the rumor of free beer, which brings to mind the early sweaty days at smoky and crowded Porky’s rather than the posher Crush or Plan B. Ah, those dirty dirty days of Booty pageants, wet t-shirt contest and Booty virgin outing. I fully expect some of these to make a comeback tomorrow night. And let’s hope there’s some Sparks too, which was also a fantastic trashy benefit of the former NoPo location, because if we’re all coming right from work we’re gonna need some caffeine to get through the night.

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