Final words from Puppet and tomorrow’s Dj lineup

In the continuing saga of the “last Booty ever” here are some tidbits from Puppet along with a helpful DJ lineup to make sure you make the most of tomorrow’s bash.

Oh man…

It is really happening! The last Booty: Queer As Ye Be is making its final descent! We have so many great things planned for you including what you all will be the most excited about, free ‘refreshments’ starting at 6pm. We also have 8 of our favorite DJs and dancers from the Rose City Sirens!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing all of you that have helped Booty be as successful as it is. I have met some of the most extraordinary people through this party. Booty has been one of the greatest accomplishments in my life and I couldn’t have had such an amazing time without each and every one of you. I know it sounds like I’m getting sentimental, and because I am on the verge of another life change, I won’t be surprised if that’s true. This isn’t just a farewell to Booty, but also a huge THANK YOU to you and my life in Portland.

So come on out and say hello, have a drink and celebrate who and where we are today.

DJ lineup:
DJ MoRocca – original Booty faux-mo that has introduced many a scallywag to the fine art of breakdancing and schooled DJ Puppet on what makes a break beat.
DJ DarkCloud – Our precious Booty warm-up DJ that reminded us of our fragile teenage angst and what motivated us to grow up and rock
Heewee – One of the original Booty DJs rocking us from the very beginning complete with good looks and great classics like Michael Jackson and Snoop Dogg.
Airick – Airick has impressed us with his off-the-beaten-track mixes at Blow Pony. I always hear something I love that I haven’t heard in way too long.

DJ Kinetic – Oh the memories I have of this one. Joining our crew in early 2005, Kinetic has been spinning us some awesome hip-hop tracks for-ever.
DJ Jimme Jamma – Joining us shortly after his rise to fame as the Sissyboy DJ, Jimme has the best attitude and most funnest dance mixes ever.
DJ Stormy – This co-producer of Booty has kept our Booty parties boy-positive and freaknasty for all these precious years with his nasty mixes and lots of bad-boy lovin’.
DJ Puppet – This has been Puppet’s most precious project and has helped her launch into a variety of other projects throughout the years. Puppet has loved Booty like a first-born baby and plans to make you dance harder and nastier than you ever have before in what is very likely her second-to-last DJ performance in Portland. (Saturday’s VAMP party at Boxxes from 5-9pm is her last).

J-Ho – Our fellow co-producer and lovely door maven will be there to greet you with her friendly smile just like she has for over 3 years now. Oh the stories she could tell you. No one will be turned away from our final party, but $5 donations will be gladly accepted to help cover final expenses for our party (and there are many).
Kim – Security Officer hired to protect us since the unfortunate incident outside Porky’s back in April of 2006, Kim has been exceptional at keeping us from being maimed. (Every pirate should get a Kim).

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