What I’m listening to “I got Massacred” edition

I’m tempted not to post today’s What I’m listening to. It’s kinda boring, and kinda the same as last week. The rundown being Sleater-Kinney, Justin Timberlake, Le Tigre and Cazwell, followed up by some random Beastie Boys, Blondie and Basement Jaxx from when my ipod was on shuffle. I blame my lack of new music, once again, on emusic. I’m dying to get my hands on the new M.I.A. album and I saw it on there on the 20th, a day before the U.S. release. Well, I’m dumb for not downloading it right then, even if I was at work, because it’s no longer available for U.S. download. Even in this brave new “borderless” world, they still find a way to make music-lovers pony up the bigger bucks for “imports.” Now if I can get ahold of it, will my coolness factor pump up?

I can’t complain too much, as it’s because of my own laziness that I haven’t yet downloaded the new Mirah album. It’s available, at least for now. But I do still wish I could get her remix album that came out a few months ago instead. It seems more my style.

On the other hand, I managed to get my ears around some great tunes this weekend at the Massacre themed show with Basic Fix and Fleshtone. Both groups used the party’s theme to enhance the fun, sensuality and intensity of their music in a way that made this one of the best shows I’ve been too in a long time. Well, I’m sure Jack Daniels contributed a little something too but I won’t let him take away from the talent these two displayed.

And perhaps because of a little too much drink, or perhaps because I didn’t get into the spirit of the theme with any fake blood, or even, perhaps, because inner southeast is really a rather treacherous place filled with old, decrepit and unused train tracks, I had my own little mini-massacre. That’s right, I had yet another run in with the road, and had to ride all the way home bleeding onto my sweatshirt and with another gash on my leg. My tail bone isn’t thanking me either and I couldn’t go out Saturday night as planned. But on the up side, my beautiful newly fixed bike is fine and I even managed to get those nasty stains out of my clothes.

Yay music!

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