What I’m listening to (and short Ruckus recap)

So this week I manged to infuse a little queer fun into my listening. Some of it was just spurred on by girl garage hanging out, some by a new Godiva coffee drink I discovered as the mini-mart by my work, and some just to make me feel like having fun. And gay rapper Cazwell certainly does that. He’s just fun and dirty and oh-so NYC queer. Mel C may pretend she’s not a lesbian but that duet with Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez is just too gay for words. Or wait, I’ll give you a few of the words:

But sometimes it seems completely forbidden.
To discover those feelings that we kept so well hidden…

I thought that we would just be friends.
Things will never be the same again.
Its just the beginning its not the end.
Things will never be the same again.
Its not a secret anymore.
Now weve opened up the door.
Starting tonight and from now on.
Well never, never be the same again.

Northern State are just good girl fun. Their last album was mostly hip-hop but the new 2 song single is rather electro-y. Madonna is just silly at this point (oh my don’t deluge me with hate mail, she’s been amazing in the past and shaped a decade…just not this one) and I don’t really get the point of “Hung Up” but I love to listen to it, over and over again, anyway.

As for Lady Sovereign and Nelly Furtado (“Maneater” is my current track on repeat) they’re just good party anthem gals.

And speaking of partying. I did manage to haul my cookies over the bridge on Friday night for the first Ruckus and I have to say…Why weren’t you there!? Despite feeling like I was going to work in the middle of the night, and that it was a rather typical gay boy bar on top, down below Casey’s Underground was a great little space. The DJs were really fantastic, whipping out some housey beats even though they weren’t spinning house in a way that really felt like you could bring circuit boys and radical queers together. And maybe it did, but really, that dance floor could have used a few more bodies. That’s my only recommendation.

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