What I’m listening to

Despite being laid up all last week, as well as a bit emo, I guess I haven’t listened to that much music. Or, more likely, just didn’t catch some of the songs I couldn’t bear to listen to all the way through. Or perhaps I just spent more time inspecting and bragging over my gnarly bruises. Boy do I really wish I could show off my mons bruise…Brutal.

But I did manage some Team Dresch. Rumors of a new album keep my dream alive although I haven’t heard anything for awhile and Dr. Dresch has seemed to disappear from my Myspace. Either way their earlier albums are good for both letting you be sad as well as picking you back up so it was pretty perfect.

I’ve also been listening to this popular French DJ David Guetta. Though you’ve probably never heard of him, this guy is apparently a house God in Europe and his new video for “Love is Gone” was all over MTV-like channels when I was just in Amsterdam. But my was it hard to find here. Apple, you know I love you but please, why can’t every song be available in every country?

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