The weekend is filling up in wonderful ways

If you weren’t already tired from banging it out to the punk rock or getting your dance on for a good cause, there’s (at least) 2 more night’s out worth noting.

Friday’s Thin Pink Line at Rotture (315 SE 3rd) not only sports special guest DJ Automaton in addition to regulars DJ Girlfriends and Bonaparte, but the dance party kicks off with a very special dance-yer-pants-off show right downstairs at Branx. Ultra-hottie get nekkid electro-rockers Fleshtone join with the sultry beauty and vocalicious beats of Basic Fix (Oh, you’ve heard me talk about them before…) to get the night started in that way that will just leave your chest heaving. It’ll be interesting how this overload of sexiness will combine with the evening’s “massacre” them. Although ever since Crash I suppose the connection between gore and seduction hasn’t been that tough to see. And a little red blood has always had some sex appeal. (Can you say Kate Beckinsale in Underworld?)

And if you are still alive and kicking by Saturday, Holocene (1001 SE Morrison) brings it’s monthly Double Down. I go every so often to this largely lady-filled party, although it can get so packed sometimes that the fear of needing to cross the ocean of bodies impedes even the simplest desire for drink, smoke or bathroom. But after a night like before, maybe I can see this an an advantage. Who needs another drink when hips and breasts are swarming around you in a frenzied sway of lesbian heat? Oh my, I think I need a break now…

Basic Fix video still shows their true nature

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