Senior life

Who knew the party for the retired crew was out in Gresham? I just came across Rainbow Vista, a gay owned and operated senior living center. The pictures look a little like a beach house gone floral print wild but the spirit looks inviting and I’m sure the style will evolve in the few short years until my own golden years. I’ve heard of a couple other senior living facilities for queers but none so close as Gresham, although I might be willing to make the trek to Santa Fe or California for the Queer Artists’ old folks home because I fully plan to be radical and queer ’til the very end. At $1450-1700 a month for one person the rates sound a little steep to my youngun’ mind, but that does include all room and board and what do I know from assisted living rates? (Though I don’t think it’s technically that either). Nevertheless, I wonder if this can make Gresham a new sort of gay Mecca. I’m all for it.

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  • litchick

    Rainbow Vista is a wonderful idea and it looks pleasant and clean, but OMG, where is the gay decorator boy? They definitely need some Queer Eye for the Decor that dies!! Let’s see some art, color and slipcovers! 😎