Queer nightlife must go on

Despite yesterday’s sad news Portland’s queer nightlife trudges on. Though I’ll be enjoying as much Booty as I can, I hope to have some energy left over for new parties…even if they are on the west side. Ugh.

New Friday night at Casey’s Underground (NW 6th and Couch) Ruckus: Queer Electro Madness, looks promising. Though I’ve so far thought of the newish Casey’s as a boy bar, this night looks like it will have some more gender diversity. (Is it really a ruckus if you don’t?) The beats will be regularly brought by residents Megadeath & Moniker and tonight’s lineup also includes DJ Airick (blow pony) and Mr Charming (gaycation).

But the biggest draw may be the promise of free porn courtesy Falcon Studios. I’m not a huge porn consumer although I do maintain a membership to (NSFW). Mostly this is only because I want to support what they’re doing (their video quality leaves something to be desired…pun intended) and yet free porn almost always sounds like a good idea to me. Just yesterday I opened a flat catalog type package, expecting some grad school materials I ordered, only to find a sex toy and porn catalog instead, which I promptly brought out to the girl garage where my more mechanically inclined friends were working on bikes. (So we tried that quadum and it is not only difficult and dangerous but scary. I totally screamed like a girl) But digression aside, it’s not necessarily the acquisition of porn that sounds so unusual or fantastic but the joy that must fill the club as it’s being given out. What you have to do in order to get it is anybody’s guess, but can only make the night even better…

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