Portia De Rossi: Queen of hot blonde femme lesbians on TV…

Unfortunately, Nip/Tuck is not one of the shows I regularly follow. Several friends of mine quite enjoy The Tudors and those people are snotty and privileged enough to annoy me. I don’t usually have any desire to see their equivalent in a much closer present that probably bears a striking resemblance to reality.

But I confess after reading that Portia De Rossi will be having a torrid affair with another lady this coming season I may change my mind. I’m not usually one to fall all over myself for traditionally pretty blondes but Portia has unique features that just say “come hither” in a very inviting way. Yet she still manages to maintain a look that fits a stereotypical model. That is, how can you not like Portia? Plus, of course, she’s an out lezzie in real life, which I always appreciate. If that isn’t enough to convince you this snippet from the L&D blog has got to at least strike some of your otherwise deadened nerves:

An anonymous source on the set said of the story line: “Portia’s character is going to be involved in a torrid relationship with Joely’s character over about 10 episodes. It’s going to be shocking stuff. So far, the pair’s sex scenes have been wild. Even the crew have been shocked by what they have seen.”

Not quite sure I can be shocked but I certainly wouldn’t mind Portia trying…

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