Catty gay men duking it out on the internet

William Sledd

Though my fashion news is woefully limited, it seems you lucky readers click on the “style” category with infinite hope. It’s not that I dislike style, on the contrary I have, at many times, been a fashionista. But I just don’t have it in me right now. The only bit of clothing I’ve bought all summer were some fantastically Euro shoes I got in Amsterdam. I haven’t even had a haircut or been using any product in my hair! I know I know. I am usually pretty evenly gay man and lesbian but I definitely need a little help right now. Send me things I need to know about P-Town, even shots of your gay self looking fly will suffice. There’s only so many times I can go to Under U 4 Men before I get really depressed.

That’s part of the reason why, though it is more gossip than style per se, I’m using this recent boy vs. boy catfight to beef up my style category.

I gotta say in the Perez Hilton vs. William Sledd throwdown I’m with Perez. I don’t even know where to begin really. You all know celeb gossip blogger Perez, who just appeared on the cover of Urb with Beth Ditto, but in case you don’t know Sledd…thank your local deity. I had seen his “fashion advice” You Tube show a couple times before, but neither he nor his name were memorable. His blather was boring and his advice something you would find in the beginning of a Lane Bryant catalog.

Perez Hilton

So let’s compare them side by side:

Perez: Doesn’t care what people think
Sledd: Thinks people care what he thinks

Perez: Fat positive and loves Beth Ditto
Sledd: Loves skinny jeans but not on fatties

Perez: Recently appeared on Nightline, and on the cover of a popular UK magazine
Sledd: Uploads his production poor videos on a site also showcasing America’s funniest cats

Perez: Punk I don’t give a **** orange hair
Sledd: Caked on Sephora and decade old swoop over bangs

The only thing I might give to Sledd is that I agree that overalls are a pretty big no no. That’s what I keep telling my ex too. But at least both vest-wearing Perez and my ex are unapologetic in their love for the 90s. May we say goodbye to Sledd’s worse-than-90s “Hey bitches…” catchphrase, which I think was invented about the same time as gayness.

If you must watch the video here ya go:

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