Benefit for the Jersey 4 with Swan Island

When you read about the Jersey 4, African-American lesbians who have been sentenced to jail for 3-11 years for defending themselves against a hate crime, you will be incensed, and possibly unable to speak without screaming. It’s a poor lead in for a blog post announcing what should be a fantastic show. But this benefit aims to at least raise some money to fight the power that puts these innocent women in jail. I hope by saying that you should yell and jump and enjoy this show very much in an effort to help them and remember their injustice is empowering and not insulting.

The New Bloods

Current media darlings Swan Island, aimed with the first appearance of Radio Sloan (The Need, Fact or Fiction) on guitar, join the up-and-coming New Bloods to headline the show tomorrow night at In Other Words (7p, 8 NE Killingsworth $5-$10 sliding scale). They’ll be followed by some of the best DJs in town including concentrated talent and bobbing curls of DJ Beyonda. The Fatass Cheerleaders should also be in attendance and I also hear rumor of a kissing booth. What better way to symbolize the fight against sexism, racism and homophobia than to express our queer queer love in our own queer ways.

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