Who says you can’t have fun in prison?

Damn, Ola baby! Check out those heels…

The boys of the Philippines Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center are a lively bunch. They’ve been running rampant on the YouTube circuit with their pretty amazing (and I think, accurate) dance routine renditions of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. As if prison wasn’t gay enough already they, of course, have a man in drag playing the lady’s part. Whether he’s a tranny in real life or not I can’t say but he makes an endearing Ola Ray. Of course as the zombies crowd around him it’s rather disconcerting when, for a moment you think of crimes against trans people. But I’m guessing they’re actually pretty accepting and fun-loving.

They also do a pretty good “I will Follow Him” complete with nun, and they even bust it out to some Queen. Nice!

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