What I’m listening to

So yeah, as I mentioned earlier, my ipod has mostly been sporting book 6 of Harry Potter lately, before I moved onto the print form of just released book 7. Last week I had some sentimental tracks on repeat that I just didn’t think were worth putting up. And truthfully this week’s old Rainer Maria, Frumpies, and Hedwig soundtrack has pretty much the same melancholy, I’m listless and trying not to break down nostalgia factor, but it’s been so many weeks that you loyal readers have been with me I figured you deserved another glance at what I’ve been listening to lately. But no, it’s not current, or exciting, or even particularly queer although I think there’s a good chance I might bust out the sadder Team Dresch songs this week. Anyway, I welcome advice on new releases that might help me get out of my funk…or at least my musical slump.

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