Making a comeback (Swan Island that is)

It’s been too long since we’ve gotten to see Swan Island, just as it’s been much too long that this blog writer has been all to non-committal and flippant about timely blog postings. With such a strong upsurge of readers in June I know I’ve let you down. Excuses? Of course I have them. My world is shifting and crumbling in huge ways right now. (OK, and I’ve been reading some Harry Potter too…) But readers don’t care about excuses so I wonder linger over them.

Instead I’ll be gettin’ this li’l rump back into the action starting with tonight’s very special DJ Puppet birthday Booty. Damn those MySpace bulletins being down right now. I can’t remember exactly what kinds of craziness will be going down at Plan B (formerly Acme, 1305 SE 8th) tonight, but I seem to remember something about wet t-shirt contests…And who couldn’t use a splash in this sultry, global warming weather?

But I did mention the return of Swan Island right? They’ll be taking stage Saturday night at a bar I’ve been dying to get a peek of for awhile now. I pass that big rig sticking out Sloans (36 N Russell St) most days as I travel to work, that huge machine just calls out to me. This how a friend describes the place:

I think its radio from The Need’s dad’s place or somethin’ its pretty divey…in a good way. And the few times I went it was crawlin’ with young dirty hip queer ladies, and former ladies etc…

And that’s enough for me.

At this point I’ve come to realize this post is really more about my triumphant return than that of Swan Island, but you should already know how much I adore them. What I’m really trying to say is, seize the summer ladies; it is most definitely time to get out and get down.

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