Rosie hearts Beth Ditto

You know, I really would have thought someone with as much money as Rosie O’Donnell could have cared, just a small amount, about some level of video production quality for her blog/vlog. That being said I could almost agree with the New York Times that she’s compelling enough to watch anyway. Almost. I don’t think I can ever sit through another apathetic reader email response. Really I only wanted to see it because she praises Beth Ditto, whom I have also spent much space on this blog swooning over. But the more I think about it her dreary face, unkempt appearance and totally bored attitude probably won’t keep me coming back. I loved that she stirred things up on The View but without a dumb blond foil to fight with, is it really that fun to watch? Well, at least she makes me feel smart, funny, stylish enough, and with enough technical know-how to have my own show. Now I just need the blond…

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