QDoc: Queer documentary Film Fest

We’re not the only city to celebrate queer film. Our main festival emerges in October and a raucous good time is had by all. But I do think we’re rather unique in having a queer film festival centered completely around documentaries. And this weekend, as the excitement towards June’s many Pride celebrations begin, we’ll host the first annual QDoc: Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival at the Clinton Street Theater.

Now it’s true that I don’t always get excited about documentary and will often pick a fictional movie first. But there are some really amazing docs out there that can still be fun and informative to watch. This fest, in particular, has some films I wouldn’t want to miss. So far I haven’t had a chance to review any although hopefully I can get some up before the fest. If not proper reviews will come next week and surely you’ll be able to get the films either on DVD or at a theater, even if you missed them at the fest. But first a rundown of some of the docs I’m most interested in.

‘On the Downlow’ – Sat at 4:30
Images of black male sexuality have made plenty of appearance on the big screen. They were often desexualized or oversexualized and there’s been all kinds of backlash. ‘On the Downlow’ promises to be an intense and intimate look at “bisexual” black male desire in a culture that often dis-identifies with queer culture.

‘Boy I Am’ – Sat at 6:30
While FTM experiences have come to the forefront of queer culture much more in recent years there’s still a huge void when it comes to really having visibility both in our own culture and a wider heteronormitive world.

‘Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis’ – Sat at 9
Weirdness, performance art and drag. What more can you ask for?

Juchitan Queer Paradise

‘Juchitan Queer Paradise’ – Sun at 2
In our contemporary Euro-centric society we often forget that other cultures may not see queerness in the same way. Small-town Southern Mexico has a tradition of honoring muxes, which we may call gay people or trans people, depending on the individual. I think it will be pretty fascinating to leave our western preconceptions behind and delve into a matriarchal Zapotec world.

For more information and tickets visit the QDoc website.

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