Photo extravaganza

So today is the day. As I write this drag queens have already begun their dress up routine while the rest of us struggle to get out of bed for the big parade, which seems frighteningly early at 11:15. It seems so cruel because you know we were all out until the wee hours last night. It’s Pride weekend man! But such is the joy and paradox of Pride.

Another Pride tradition (besides rainbows of course) is photos. You know you got ’em and if not you know you want ’em. I’ll be out in full force today snapping shots so visit our new photo galleries in our own QPDX station here. But we also want to see all your lurid and fabulous so join me in the extravaganza and load ’em up here. If I can get my act together I’ll give you a little preview with a couple of shots from the dyke march.

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