Lady music extravaganza

Heidi Mortenson

Too bad I won’t be here for this show. I’ve missed Radio Sloan’s guitar stylings ever since The Need took leave of the stage, even if I do listen to the two Fact or Fiction songs I downloaded from their website, like, all the time.

So, a blatant rip-off from Just Out:

An all-woman lineup and dancing extravaganza takes over Sloan’s Tavern 8 p.m. June 30 at 36 N. Russell St. Cover is $5.

With new live music nights run by Radio Sloan (The Need, Courtney Love’s band, and The Herms, Peaches’ band), this summer kickoff party promises to be hot hot hot! Performers include:

Seagull and Wave: keyboards and guitars, catchy hooks, two girls in love.

Gay Deceivers: Experimental dance music with a recently added new member–a subwoofer. These women are playing the Time-Based Art Festival with BARR in the fall.

Best Friends Forever: Pop and rock all the way from Minneapolis.

Heidi Mortenson: Electronic pop genius all the way from Berlin. Hints from dancy electro and nerdy R & B and with an experimental curiosity in a twisted pop production well. Add emotional overdrive with a mentalist flavor and a radiating energy.

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