Babes who play soccer

I tried to play Rugby in college. I really did. The Smith team inspired all kinds of lady swooning with their rambunctious parties and gaggle of BDOCs (Big Dykes on Campus). I never really got beyond the party stage but it turns out, even my fellow lesbians who really are sporty like the party as much as the game.

Duking it out for favorite among Portland ladies is softball and soccer but I’m going to go ahead and declare soccer the winner this year as we get to host this year’s annual Festival of the Babes soccer tourney. Approaching their 17th birthday the FOB tourney unabashedly declares this year’s theme “Barely Legal.” You gotta do what ya gotta do to get both players and volunteers on the field.

Here’s what organizer Myra Lavenue has to say:

Our tournament is open to lesbians and women who do not mind being mistaken as one. It was started in response to two factors: 1) San Fran and Vancouver soccer teams that met at the Vancouver Gay Games and wanted to keep playing games together in the future and 2) to combat sexism and homophobia in sports and provide a positive expression of women playing a game and lesbians in particular.

The tournament features 24 teams who play 7v7 soccer by day and dance at parties by night. By the end of the weekend, new friendships have formed and often, new romantic relationships as well…the soccer, although often quite good, is sometimes secondary to the on field antics and playfulness. For example, when one team might be crushing another on the scoreboard, we have a rule that if the winning team has a lead of 5 goals, they have to remove an article of clothing for every point above 5 from then on. This can sometimes lead to the losing team throwing the game in order to get a skins vs. shirts game going. Also, some teams play with beers in hand…and do things like kiss the goalie after they score a goal. It can be utter wild mayhem.

The tournament itself takes place Labor Day weekend, August 31st to September 2nd but the mayhem actually begins this Saturday with a fund raiser at the E Room (3701 SE Division). This 2p gathering will feature the women’s USA National Team vs. on Brazil on the big screen.

Registration for the big event is open now and goes until July 3rd, or until they reach 24 teams so it time to nab your soccer cruising tickets now because I believe them when they warn: “Wow. So hot. I can’t wait to play some down and dirty soccer.”

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