What I’m listening to

Funny, I felt like I had actually listened to some new music this week. And I guess I have, it’s just been largely from 3 artists, which is why my list is only 3 artists long. However, I did peruse their newest albums fully. I probably listened to them more than once. I also forgot to upload some stuff I listened to on my iPod over the weekend. Oh well, it’ll show up next week.

Marnie Stern’s is a couple months old already but I had some downloads left on my emusic and had heard good things so I decided to give it a try. It can be intense, and certainly not music to play when you have a headache, but quality and original nonetheless.

Northern State’s newest is only a single or small EP but I’ve really been waiting, since college, to hear them again and so I was pretty excited for any new material.

Reviews for the new Amon Tobin, Foley Room, have been quite mixed. I hear what critics are saying, that there’s a point in electronic music when you have to move on from the sounds and experiences you’re familiar with and really break new ground. And Foley Room hasn’t really done that. But Amon Tobin’s familiar playground of sounds is so vast it still doesn’t sound like his other albums to me. It’s just as epic and moving and timeless, even if we already knew he had it in him.

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