Girl 4 girl party is serious business

Well, my friends have been bantering and quasi-joking about this Saturday night’s Girl 4 Girl party at the Wonder Ballroom. But apparently this thing is no joke. According to the Merc thousands of gals cram onto the dance floor at these parties in Seattle and they’re actually bussing in the fresh meat of S-town booty for Portland’s inaugural night. There’s go-go dancers, fire performers and no cameras allowed. You can also don a special bracelet to signal your availability, which I guess would be the opposite of taking off your wedding ring. (No word on special bracelets for couples looking for a third…) Damn, it’s serious.

Through the grapevine it seems pretty strictly ladies-only although their website phrases it a more ambiguous “All women, all the time.” Women-only spaces can certainly be sticky in a very gender-fluid Portland but I wonder if trans men would even want to be a part of this scene. I guess only Saturday will tell. I have to confess I’m intrigued despite any gender I may or may not espouse. It’s gonna be a tough choice between this and a more genderqueer, intimate and punk rock house party at the Sqratship. Whaddya think? Should I check it out?

Sidenote: It seems unfair that you are not allowed to bring your own camera and just take pictures of your own friends. Instead you’re supposed to buy them from the “professional photographer.” Since their doesn’t seem to be any press caveat or section either I’ve resigned myself to not including a picture with this post. This seems counter-productive as it could only help in press. Maybe they’re so big they don’t care. I’m starting to lean towards not going but geez, I really am curious…

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  • amyjruiz

    You should come! It’ll be fun.

    As for the photo thing, I think it’s because there might be some gals there who aren’t out–in Seattle, it struck me that there was always a minor celeb there who wasn’t publicly out, but that the gay community knew about–and are more comfortable attending if only one person is taking pictures, and is asking first.

    As for the gender thing–a few guys get in; not sure what the official policy is on trans men (the site for Portland says “LIMITED # OF MEN ALLOWED, PAY $20 COVER, MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY FEMALE). We were in line for a Seattle event once, and a pile of guys stumbled out of a taxi and gawked at the line of lovely ladies–of course, they totally wanted in. It was awesome for a crowd of like 50 women to just look at them and say sorry, not tonight!

    Anyways, don’t let any of that scare you off–it’s just a big, fun dance party!

  • alley

    Well the policy on the men seems fair. I do get annoyed when bio boys, who have lived with male privilege all their lives feel like they can take up space in a club that is not designed to cater to them (when so many are). A guy nearly started a fight at a Double Down a couple months ago. Whew! Even gentle li’l me had my dukes up and ready.

    As for the photos I do understand that thinking but I’m still not totally down with it. I guess people will get their camera phones in anyway (because social lesbians would DIE without the ability to text at the club right!) but it does seem a bit burdensome to make participants pay for “professional” photos.

    And the minor celebs, I realize the world may be unfair to their careers but I still get a little miffed that they can be out enough to enjoy our queer social functions but not out enough to fight for our rights and causes…call me jaded and cynical…

    Thanks for your helpful comment!

  • alley

    You know, I didn’t end up making it to either. Instead I got to be sick and sleep for 6 hours during the day. Any reports?

  • fragglerckr

    ummm….21 and up? serisously??????

  • fragglerckr

    21 and older? seriously?????