The scientific version of the “We don’t need men” mantra

I have always been a science fiction fan but I realize my futuristic musings are all in my head. However, the frontiers of science can lead us to some strange places and it looks as if lesbians might have an ally in the field of medical miraculousness in the form of the prospect of all-female conception. I imagined the idea of cloning but sort of arbitrarily mixing the genes of two women but this possible technology is even weirder really. It involves something about making sperm out of bone marrow, be that marrow male or female. My narcissistic self (c’mon, you heteros have always loved the idea of Jr. so don’t deny it) relishes the idea that I can make a little person that looks like both me and my girlfriend but it’s almost as cool to think I could make my own sperm! I’d totally want to keep my little “me”s in the freezer and pull it out at parties. I mean, how butch would that be to get your girlfriend pregnant?

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