The Gossip tonight!

So the night you’ve all been waiting for is here. The Gossip come home and play with the New Bloods at 8p at the Wonder Ballroom (128 NE Russell).

The Gossip with former member Kathy Mendonca circa a million years ago.

This night will be kind of strange for me. For the past couple years I’ve had some difficulty getting to see them play. One time it was a snowstorm, another time they tried to play Olympia’s House of Doom before its demolition and we were ousted by Oly’s finest. Assuming something catastrophic doesn’t happen to me between now and 8p I’ll again be seeing one of my favs on stage. But it will be a whole new experience for me. The last time I saw The Gossip play, and I saw them fairly often, they were raw…They had a different drummer…They were belting it out in a tiny club next to the Capitol Theater at Olympia’s first Ladyfest…They are a very different band with a much different kind of fan base and hype surrounding them.

Don’t get me wrong. I am firmly (as of the Topshop incident) in the “I’m happy for them” category. The Merc brought up a really great point that it’s a lot easier for privilidged white males to scream sell-out than to actually try to make a living as a fat, queer, female rocker.

The Gossip now. Strong!

Nevertheless, I must give up the ghost on some level and enjoy the new famous Gossip in a radically different frame of reference than I’m used to. I haven’t yet decided whether to “push to the front so I can see” or hang back in jaded 21+ drink on my hand land, but either way I love The Gossip and I will cherish the memories of the past while look forward to the future…(Sappy I know but what can I do; I’m a part of the nostalgia generation…)

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