A less Rosie view?

Rosie with Barbara

Boy Rosie O’Donnell seems to be in the news quite a bit today.

Firstly, the larger than life personality seems to be too big for the “commentary-for-women” television of ‘The View’ as she’s leaving the show as of June. According to the AP it’s due to contract issues but viewers are bound to wonder if she was just too out there for a daytime audience. I actually think this is rather unfortunate. For all the mixed feelings I have about Rosie I think she provided a much needed diversity behind that desk of ladies. Of course I’d love to see the show replace her with another queer woman but even someone who has ideas as intense as hers would be welcome, not to mention a ratings booster (like she has been).

The Big Gay Sketch Show

Rosie also had a premiere last night. A new project of her’s, Logo’s ‘Big Gay Sketch Show‘ is getting decent reviews, even if it’s from a subsidiary company. (But believe me subsidiary company employees don’t always have nice things to say about their parent companies…) Is it funnier than you would expect from a Saturday-Night-Live-for-Oppressed-People? I really can’t testify to that as I crashed before the 10 PM airtime (new workout routine is killing me). But lucky for us the entire first episode is available online (legally) so check it out.

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