Washington Senate passes domestic partnership measure

Why does it always seem as if I’m reading these lovely articles about lovely bills passing and then it turns out out was really only one house or another. Well, I guess New Jersey’s Civil Union bill actually did become law but the good news from the north about Washington’s Civil Unions bill is positive, it passed the Senate and Gov Gregoire is expected to sign it, but it still has the House to go.

I was going to leave you with a little clip of one of my favorite Saturday Night Live skits about the gay couple from New Jersey (I was born there and I have a family full of Jersey girls so I’m allowed to make as much fun of Jersey as gay people of course) but neither You Tube nor the official NBC website has the clip. Man, if you’re not going to post it, let other people! That particular Christmas weekend update was hilarious. Oh well, you can use this Wikipedia entry to remind yourself of how funny that episode was…OH!

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