SB2, Oregon Equality Act, passes in the Senate

I just received word from the Democratic Party of Oregon’s GLBT Caucus that SB2, The Oregon Equality Act, has just passed through the Senate with a 21 to 7 vote. No one, including the DPO GLBT’s themselves, seems to have posted this anywhere so both you and I will have to take it on faith that the email I received is correct. Guess I’m first one to the news this time, which, truthfully, astounds me, as I’m not the most newsy queer blogger out there.

I’ve never been a particular good “Thank You” card writer either (Emily Post must’ve passed my childhood by) but the DPO also recommends you “call your Senator, and thank them for their support of our community,” except, of course, if yuor Senator was one of the 7…

Update: Ok, so a little further digging produced the Merc’s blog post (which published hours before this one) and if it’s in Blogtown PDX it’s got to be true…But seriously, they actually live-blogged from Salem and I’m super impressed with that. It’s a great, thorough, post.

So much for being first on the scene. Someday my dream will come…

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