Yet another post that doesn’t have much to do with anything

Whoa, you thought your lesbian drama was excessive. What is all this I hear about a fortune and a woman adopting her lover in order to make sure their wealth was distributed upon her death? Ok, I’m all for a partner of 14 years receving a portion of the fortune. 14 years isn’t a gold-digging fly-by-night affair. But what I don’t understand, and everyone (article writers, commenters etc.) seem to expect me to, is how anyone can be adopted past 18 at all. Can anyone adopt anyone even if they are a year older than them. I just don’t get it. Anyone else have insight on this? I love my momma but boy if I could have an adoptive second parent there could be all kinds on interesting eligible candidates. I mean, I’ve been trying to finagle citizenship in a lot of interesting coutries for awhile now…

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