The return of Lon Mabon

There seems so much yo are not allowed to do in this country once you’d served a little stint in prison, like get any aid for college, or other things that might eventually benefit the society you’ve been returned to. But it seems Mabon, fresh from prison blues, can do plenty of damage.

This info comes courtesty BRO:

For all you who thought Lon Mabon had shuffled away with his tail between his legs and with what little was left of his dignity – we’re sad to report that you were mistaken. Fresh out of jail, Lon Mabon is back on the scene and in the beginning stages of yet another hateful anti-GLBT rampage.

Here is the latest information. Mabon and his dwindling list of cohorts gathered last weekend for an "Oregon Citizens Alliance" Convention and are working on at least two initiatives for the 2008 ballot. Neither one of them has been approved for circulation (signature gathering) yet, but we expect this to happen in the not-so-distant future.

The first of the two measures – currently numbered IP 22 – would have far-reaching consequences placing unprecedented limits on free speech in Oregon.

The second – IP 23 – is déjà vu all over again: a reprise of 2000’s Measure 9.

In 2000, Ballot Measure 9 would have amended state statutes relating to public school instruction regarding homosexuality and bisexuality. The failed measure would have prohibited public schools from providing instruction on behaviors relating to homosexuality and bisexuality in a manner that "encourages, promotes or sanctions such behaviors". For purposes of the measure, "public schools" include public elementary schools, public secondary schools, community colleges, state colleges and state universities, and all state and local institutions that provide education for patients or inmates.

Now Mabon has a new "Measure 9," which is nearly the same as above but he has included the transgender community as a target as well.

The draft ballot title of this new proposed initiative, the so-called "Student Protection Act 2008", reads: "Prohibits Instruction At Public Schools (Including Colleges, Universities) That ‘Approves,’ ‘Endorses’ Homosexual, Bisexual, Transgendered Behavior".

The full measure text and all relevant information on the two proposed initiatives can be found here:
# IP 22: "Public Decency Act": Amends Constitution, Makes Oregon Constitutional Guarantee Of Free Expression Of Opinion Inapplicable To Conduct Or Personal Behavior
# IP 23: "Student Protection Act 2008"

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